RBOC Network+ Ready to Launch

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Resilience Beyond Observed Capabilities Network Plus

The Resilience Beyond Observed Capabilities Network Plus (RBOC N+) is designed to create new knowledge, new capabilities and new opportunities for collaboration that help the UK prepare for resilience related challenges in the coming decades.

The activities of the RBOC N+ will be built around a scenario of a catastrophic attack on digital and energy networks in the year 2051. RBOC N+ will convene some of the UK's leading experts in engineering, physical sciences, mathematics, health sciences, social and behavioural sciences, arts and humanities, and cross-disciplinary topics such as AI, security studies and urban planning, together with government and industry, to refine, deepen and test this scenario and to use it to create immersive simulations that help consider what the future might look like.   

To build sustained engagement and collaboration, the NetworkPlus will provide leadership across disciplines and sectors and will deliver different activities, such as Workshops, Events, Publications, Funded Projects, as well as other research activities around the RBOC Network+ scenario.

Professor David McIlhatton, Director of RBOC N+, describes his vision for the Network Plus:

“The RBOC Network Plus is not just about research. It is about providing an exciting opportunity for the UK research community to come together and consider the unknown unknowns that might challenge the future resilience of the UK. It is about collaboration, uncertainty, and leadership and is important in three main ways. First, it is an opportunity for us to do things differently. We have never been as connected as we are today, but that is irrelevant if we can’t build and sustain a community that can actively collaborate. The RBOC N+ is designed around connection and collaboration and will use innovative tools for enabling this. Second, it is about engaging new researchers. Developing resilient solutions is essential. Doing this in a way that brings new voices in to the conversation is central to the success of the RBOC Network Plus. Finally, we must prepare the early career researchers of today to be the future leaders in 2050. We have a focus on this and hope that we will create new opportunities for enabling this.”

RBOC Network+ Ready to Launch

Project Funder

RBOC N+ funded by EPSRC

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RBOC N+ Ref EP/X009947/1

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